• Elizabeth and Carol

A seasonal craft!

It's the perfect time to make yourself, or a friend, a new whisk from the top of a Christmas tree. I love this craft as it works with the shape of the tree so well. All you are really doing is letting the whisk out!

You'll need to take all the bark and needles off with a knife. Make sure the knife is always pointed away from your body and you avoid your other hand. You might want to put a wooden board or a mat down.

You will probably need to whittle the end away, so it's not bottom heavy.

I left this lil tassle on the top as it was so alive and vibrant. I may take it off later.

This tree was very sappy and sticky to work with. A tree that has been cut for longer would be less difficult to work with.

When it is cleaned and clear, push it into water and boil it for about 10 minutes - longer and slower if the tree feels more brittle.

This has made it very flexible and springy. Collect up the branches and secure them close to the stem whilst the wood slowly dries out.

Some people leave the ends untied: they stand up and a little away from the stem. I prefer to use natural cordage to hold them in place.

hope you find this inspiring! Looking forward to seeing your own creations!

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