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A WEEK WITH... a tree

Welcome to our new space. huathe was set up to support nature connection and that connection seems so important now that we have to observe a whole host of extra rules and can't hug our friends. The lockdown period started just at the beginning of our busiest time for training and working with groups outdoors. We miss it all - the new students, the returning students, new and old friends, the fires, the sharing...and we have been excited by the time we have had to think about extending and deepening nature connection for our growing communities.

We are putting together some plans for 2021 for some deep nature connection and this seemed like a good time to try some ideas out and ask for your feedback.

A week with a tree

Starting on 1 May we are inviting you to spend some time with a tree. Choose a tree close to your home, one you can get close to. It doesn't matter how well the two of you know each other, how big or old the tree is or if you know what kind of tree you have chosen.

Each day we will post something to do to deepen your connection to your tree - and to other trees - and each day there will be a little extra here on the blog page of the huathe website. We're starting with a tree and will continue with other themes if you enjoy the content.

We ask a couple of things of you:

1. Please feed back by commenting, by emailing, by social media comments - whatever works for you. It will be these comments that help us hone the content - and it's cheery for us to know that there are folk out there participating in the activities.

2. Please tell friends and family about this nature connection opportunity. Our huathe mission is to connect people and nature, and to deepen that connection too. Also, we would like some of the participants to not know us!

What you need...

A page (piece of paper!) for recording your observations, information and learning

Pencils, colours, etc for more detailed recording

Wire or string (wire is better)

Clay or play dough if you don't have wire

Apps or field guides

a camera or phone might be handy.

We are posting new challenges, invitations and materials everyday (well, that's our aim!). We hope you enjoy spending 1-7 May with a tree

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Apr 29, 2020

This is a great idea and looking forward to taking part.


Apr 29, 2020

I am delighted about this as I was going to really miss

the nature challenges each day. Thank you.


Apr 28, 2020

A fantastic idea, well done you, i look forward to taking part. Louise

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