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Another week with the trees..

A chance to revisit or start connecting with a tree in your local area.

I am really excited to have time to go back to the tree I spent some time with in the spring....

If you have just joined our nature connection challenge- step outside and find a tree in your local area that you can sit under or near to. There is no pressure to do anything or find out anything, just spend some time sitting outdoors by this tree.

As a revisit, the spring was a time of rapid growth and exploration of leaves and seeds. Now in the Autumn there are fewer leaves and the shape and scale of the branches are more evident.

After sitting with the lovely tree for some time- take a step back and amire the shape.

The Witch Elm I sat with has two trunks and spreads gracefully up and out, something I couldn't see so clearly in the spring. I have photographed the shape and spent some time sketching it out. sketches dont have to be perfectly detailed, it's an invitation to represent the flow and form of the being you have spent time with.

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