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Day 2 - a unique footprint

We have our first ever guest spot coming up today - so make sure you follow this right to the bottom of the page!

Today: what kind of footprint would your tree leave behind? Elizabeth shows you how to find the footprint (trunkprint?!) of your tree and how to record it...

Going Out

Once you have been all the way round the tree...

Such a windy day to be recording! And of course the dog wants a mention!

So, you have your tree circle....take it home for the the next step...

Going in

You can now record this on your page about your tree. This is the drawing of the trunkprint I made:

Going on

So excited to share this: the wonderful Sarah Savitri shows us a tree pose we can use to put our bodies where our minds are:

Find more of Sarah's work here:

and here:

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1 Comment

May 02, 2020

This was tricky as I couldn't find any wire and along with lots of ivy around the base of the tree (garden mice and hedgehogs love rooting around in it), the tree is flat against a tall fence on her West. I have used creative drawing of what I see, hope its okay, Enjoying this so much. Great use of yoga too!

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