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Day 3 - Meeting the leaves!

Going Out

Today we are exploring the leaves of the tree.

The size of the leaf can be affected by whether it is newly emmerged or has been out

for a while,which side of the tree it is on, whether it has been nibbled by anyone or how healthy the tree is.

If the tree is health and in a natural environment you will be able to have a good look about

and select a typical leaf.

Touch it- I wonder if it is soft or hard? I wonder if it is smooth or hairy?

I wonder if the veins are bumpy? Iwonder of the edges are jagged ?

I wonder if it is one continuous leaf or if it is made of leaflets?

Take a close look and take a photograph for later.

Going In

Use your photograph to draw a picture of your leaf.

Remember this is about impressions and looking, to get to know the leaf- not about a perfect

reproduction. Everyone observes and draws differently.

Carol's leaf.

Going On

Here is a short video about starting to categorise leaves by their composition and shape.

You can also go on to look at edges and how they attach to the tree

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