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Day 4 - the bark of the beech, and others!

Going Out

Today we are looking at the bark of your tree - the protective skin of the tree and inside which all the nutrients pass. I looked at the bark on 2 trees - the beech and the willow and was so struck by their differences! Here are my musings:

Here's a close up of the marks on the beech tree:

My bark rubbing was rubbish - I chose one of the marks to rub and I think it was just too knobbly.

Going in

See what you can find out about the bark of your tree. Is what you found typical of that species? What makes a difference...direction? load above? weather?

and here is something about the structure of the bark:

Going on

I mentioned that the children in Reggio Emilia made their own language from the marks on the tree. Here is the story of them, from the posters they made:

Hope you enjoy this day of bark!

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