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Day 6 - structure

I've really enjoyed putting this one together. I wanted to spend some time with the structure of the tree I chose - a complicated willow full of fallen, falling and new growth. It's a tree I see everyday (from my bed) and getting to know it from a load of new angles - being in it, taking photos from the 'side' and the 'back' has given me richer and deeper understanding of the tree and how it grows.

Read to the end for another guest spot - this time from Carol and Kerry at DowntoEarth Forest School in Ireland - we miss you, lovely women!

Going Out

Spend time exploring the way the tree grows - how and where the branches grow from and how and where sub-branches are coming from too.

Here are some of the pictures that helped me with the structure

I love the way new shoots - that may become huge stems in the future - burst out of a stem. So much life!

Going in

I loved working with this complicated structure! It was a challenge to think about how the stems and branches are connected, and what I have created is only a tiny part of the structure, but I enjoyed working out how the stems and branches are related to each other. My first 3D model used cardboard

and my second - more fun - used (plastic coated - urgh!) wire. It was much easier to connect everything together with wire!

Going on

We are so pleased so include more lovely friends in this blog post. Carol and Kerry from DowntoEarth Forest School and Wellness through Nature

made this little video for Earth Day 2020 and we are so pleased to include them here. Enjoy - and sing with your tree!

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