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Delayed day 7 of a week with a tree

Going Out

Welcome back to the slightly delayed week with a tree- we hope you agree that the

lovely May flower full moon was worth it.

Good to have a reason to head back to your tree.

Today we are thinking about all the other plants and animals which share the space

with your tree.

This is time to spend a longer time just being with your tree and watching who comes

to visit or to look for tracks and signs around the tree or to plant spot under the canopy.

I wonder who else likes to spend time with the tree?

take some photographs.

Going In

So what did you find? It took a while for the birds to fly in where I was...some long tailed tits

and a blue tit, but there were also some snails.

I am off to the ID books now......

Going On

Our last tree song and quite fitting that it is about community as we have been on this journey together. The words can be changed for anything that you saw around your tree. It is a great Forest School song.

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