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Flowers and Seeds

Going Out

Today we are investigating blossoms and leaves.

It is the time of year when everything is growing fast- sometimes you can

see the leaves opening and getting bigger from day to day!

Have a look at the tree and see if there are any flowers or seeds. These might be really

obvious "blossom" flowers , like the hawthorn, or smaller catkin like non showy flowers.

I wonder where the flowers to the tree are?

I wonder if they have already happened?

I wonder if the tree has n't flowered yet?

I wonder where the seeds are and what they look like?

I wonder how the tree seeds are dispersed?

As you investigate the tree start your own wondering about this process.

Take a photograph of a seed.

Going In

Draw the actual seed if there is one. If there are no seeds at the moment, find out

what they look like and when they appear on the tree. Draw what you find.

Not sure what your tree is yet?

The leaves and bark should give you some good clues.......

Going On

investigation time.... find out all you can about your tree:medicinal properties;stories

and folklore; life cycle; ediblity- whatever interests you most.

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