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Keep on walking!

Hello Everyone !

It seems that people are getting fed up and some are finding it difficult to get out.

Keep walking- and getting outside. All the research shows that being outside for 15 minutes can rebalance your hormones and raise your mood.

Our invitations this week are to walk in a different way, to "mix it up" with maybe a new focus or a new direction (literally !!)

So today, try a new way of walking- small steps and a slight rock- see video :) As you do this think about connecting with the earth and being grounded and supported with every step you take. Take time to breathe in Nature's beauty. Beauty infront of you,Beauty behind you and Beauty all around you.

There is a song to go with.

If you are feeling really brave you can take off your shoes and squealch in the cold mud! (not compulsory )

Go on !

Keep walking!

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