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More about mud!

There has been so much mud to look at right now - a blessing of all that rain! I've been struck the rich variety of muds on offer! I live next to mudflats and in the summer, when we miss-time the tide we end up wading through it back to the shore (huathe does not recommend this!). Here's how my exploration of mud types turned out today. Looking forward to seeing the mud where you are!

The mud in muddy lane is pretty watery. There is muddier mud at the edge, where the tractor meets the verge...

... and where Covid distancing has stretched the footpath either side of the track!

A muddy footpath

But the best mud of all near me are the mudflats of the total estuary:

And that brings us back to Carol's tracking again!

Wherever you are, enjoy the rich variety of mud - and don't get stuck in it!!

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