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Forest School Projects with children

huathe Forest Schools and outdoor projects are unique because we draw on first hand international teaching in nature connection combined with a deep understanding of child development and group dynamics. This means we are able to use Forest School as therapeutic learning; tailoring each project to build on group and individual experience and need, over a long period of time (usually at least 3 months).

Child centred, with a strongly supportive emotional environment, the projects help with children's internal change and build resilience and self-confidence.

We specialise in working with children with

  • behaviour issues,

  • language development issues,

  • low self esteem,

  • unfixed inner focus (which inhibits concentration) or

  • a more energetic and kinaesthetic learning style!

and we

  • build self esteem,

  • boost resilience,

  • improve speech and language skills,

  • develop children’s confidence and

  • raise children's moods so they approach life more positively

learning to balance at Forest School
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