Huathe is delighted to be working companies including Hooson and Juniper Education to bring Forest School and nature education to China. Our courses bring together the best of the Scandinavian Forest School approach and nature connection principles in bespoke courses and routes that meet the needs of Chinese teachers and parents. At our heart, is the knowledge that children and young people benefit from time in nature and from autonomy in their learning.

Two of our students are now running Forest School outside Beijing.  See what Pan Jieli has to say about her experiences.   You can see one of their children finally managing the steep slope rope climb here! 

Taking the play outside - a staged course for kindergarten teachers

This is course has been written especially for kindergarten and primary teachers in consultation with Xu Zhidong, an early years specialist with whom we are working in Beijing and Qingdao.  It is an ideal introduction for anyone interested in taking learning outdoors and finding out more about how and why learning outdoors is so beneficial.

We will be delivering both Stage 1 and Stage 2 in Beijing and Qingdao in February 2020.

Stage One is a 2 day practical course and is follows by 2 3 day extensions that bring your practice into your outdoor area where it can be supported by nature.

The training includes:

  • Simple, but sound theory that underpins outdoor learning and Forest School

  • Practical ideas and activities

  • Ways to adapt urban playground for maximum nature benefit

  • The differences between child-led and adult led approaches

  • Planning for the different areas and for the curriculum

  • Topic planning outdoors

  • How to manage ‘in the moment’ planning

  • An introduction to risky play

  • Developing children’s creativity through outdoor play 

All our training is a mixture of theory and practical activity and tailored to urban and more rural settings. Attendance is certificated through huathe.

Nature-based Learning

A 2 day course for kindergarten and primary teachers.  The focus of this course is children’s nature connection.  It has strong links to the Forest School ethos, but is tailored to inner city schools and settings.

The training includes: 

  • An introduction to nature: essential for anyone who has grown up in the city!

  • Teacher-based approach to learning in nature

  • Inner nature/Outer nature – building values and dispositions through nature

  • An introduction to tool-based learning

  • An introduction to risky play and essential risk taking (including how to manage that risk

  • Building knowledge through curiosity

  • Nature-based theory and an introduction to the benefits of being outdoors

  • An introduction to ‘Nature on your doorstep’ 

Our unique series ‘Nature on your doorstep’ is designed to provide town and city teachers with the tools they need to build children’s nature connection.  Beginning with Class 1, structured nature knowledge is grown and consolidated in a teacher-friendly set of work cards and activities.

Forest School Leadership Training

We are experienced in training Forest School leaders in China.  See our page on Forest School training for details of courses.

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