Welcome to huathe!

What a year we are having!  So many people are realising how important it is to get children (and adults) outside into nature AND we have to be so careful to keep safe too!   There is lots of good news:  Covid permitting - and we continue to work within stringent safety guidelines - we have Forest School leadership courses in Matlock, Rutland, Cambridgeshire and Galway this Autumn.  The restrictions have led us to revisit the shape of our training and we are now able to support and reinforce our outdoor face-to-face delivery with talks that our students can visit in their self-led study time.  Have a look here to find out about our Forest School training.

We are deep in discussion with our colleagues in China to design a suite of courses tailored to the needs of Early Years and Primary teachers there.  We can't travel at the moment but we are hopeful of some useful and widespread online work to start everyone off - watch this space for more details!  and have a look here for more about this developing set of courses.  

Our work on film!  In 2017, one of our students put together the video memento below of our Forest School training and this summer the Woodbridge Festival of Art and Music commissioned a set of 4 short films highlighting nature play in and around Woodbridge in Suffolk.  You can find them on this page and on our YouTube channel - along with lots of our Quarantine Nature Challenge!

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