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Nature Connection

Nature Connection is the ongoing process of building an engaged relationship with the natural world, with people and with ourselves. In our experience, when people connect more fully to nature, their awareness expands and turns both outward at the world and inward at themselves. It develops a sense of being part of the world - something more than an individual. 

We facilitate a range of Nature Connection activities and events – from single workshops focused on a woodland skill (such as whittling or foraging) to weekend camps where there is time and space for a deeper connection.

Community and Family Activities

Community and Family Activities

We run activities for families to join in with all together and for older children to do with others their age in the holidays and at weekends. Join us for day long hiding, sneaking, seeking, carving, rolling, climbing, cooking and swinging. Contact us for more details, check the announcements or follow us on facebook.

Nature Connection Camps

These community camps are nourishment for us.  We join with the other particpants to create a shared leadership and share food, nature and community living with the turning of the year.  Contact us for more details.

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