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Day two-tracking the sun

Going out/in

Today we are thinking about the sun and it's journey across the sky.

A whole day of discovery today.

Choose a place in your house or garden that you can return to throughout the day.

Set your alarm for every hour and just notice where the sun is.....

Make a map/record to track the changes over a day.

I wonder if the sun is where you thought it would be?

I wonder where East and West are in relation to your house?

I wonder where the sun will be at noon?

Going On

Here is an extract from one of the many poems and sonnets about the sun-

research some more and find the one which responates with you.

Suspended lion face

Spilling at the centre

Of an unfurnished sky

How still you stand,

and how unaided

single stakeless flower

you pour unreconpensed.

The eye sees you

Simplified by distance

Into an origin,

Your petalhead of flames

Constantly exploding.

Heat is the echo of your


extract from SOLAR by Phillip Larkin.

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